2015-2018 Studying B.Eng at  Technical University of Denmark
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2011-2006 Academy of Contemporary Art Jutland
2010-2009 Akademie Bildenden Künste Wien, Austria

Member of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,  Society of Artists (2014)

Selected Exhibitions, Plays and Projects

Organized Freedom, Svends Bibliotek, Denmark
For Decorative Purposes Only, Hejserummet, Denmark
Back into the closet, Bakkehus Museet, Denmark

Out of the closet, Nivaagaard Museum, Denmark
Here Outside, Danish Graphic Arts Association, Copenhagen, Denmark
Time Prints. From Goya to the Present, Xiamen, China

The Inherent, Gallery September, Copenhagen
Adam Smiths Mother, Protective Spaces, Germany
Kein Licht, Universitet Biel/Bienne, Schweiz
Highlight Etchings, Arthall Viborg Denmark

Tips fra Tingbjerg, Visit Tingbjerg- A Contemporary Artfestival, Copenhagen
LetUsSpeakNow Re/Vision, Center for Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity, Denmark
LetUsSpeakNow Re/Vision Museum of Contemporary Arts, Roskilde Denmark

LivingDialogueRoom, Feminist In Space- International Performance Festival, Warehouse9, Denmark
The Baltic States Bienniale of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg, Gallery Art, Russia
Afg11, Final show, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
The new Room, The Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen Denmark

BAND, Fluc Wanne, Wien, Austria
Schneewittchen Psychose, Dschungel, Museums
Quartier, Wien, Austria
Wiessches Rauschen, Kosmos Theater Wien, Austria
Rundgang 2010, Akademie Bildenden Künste Wien, Austria

KP 09, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
3rd, SPLab, Academy of Contemporary Art Jutland

Moment, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, Denmark


6 Dialogues- Texts from Academy of Contemporary Art Jutland

Co.mode- Art and fashion Magasin

Obtained Funding

The Danish Arts Council
The Arts Council, Copenhagen Municipality
The Arts Council, Roskilde Municipality


2015-14 Vice Chairperson, Young Artists and Curators Association (UKK)
2014-12 Boardmember, Young Artists and Curators Association (UKK)
2015-14 Boardmember, Danish Artists Union, (DBF)

2015- 2012 Assistant to visual artist Tove Storch
2013- 2011 Assistant to visual artist Peter Holst Henckel
2010            Assistant to visual artist Martin Erik Andersen